MINOR UPDATE - V1.1.1 (24/6/2022)

  • Added "Notes" field on checkout
  • More focus on original products
  • AAdded an "Info Banner"
  • Now the user will know more precisely where he/she is

UPDATE "DIOCLEZIANO" - V1.1.0 (6/3/2021)

  • Refinements and optimizations UI/UX.
  • Redesign and optimization for product cards.
  • Refactor on data fetching for speed purposes.
  • Redesign for fullscreen menu nav.
  • Better SEO.
  • Now it's easier to understand what illustration is tied to an original product.
  • From the "Illustrations" page it's possibile to browse all products with a chosen illustration.
  • Product search added.
  • Now it's easier to understand what product's variants are SOLDOUT
  • Now it's possibile to zoom the photos in the product gallery.
  • Cards now have a "NEW" badge.
  • Side cart on desktop added.
  • Products now are ordered from newest to oldest.
  • Added newsletter (only in italian)
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