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FUN COOL Dress Uan
• 259€

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COCORITEEEEEE since we know how much you love to wear the sweatshirt with the disturbing skirt we made you the "skirted sweatshirt"!! It consists of our ICONIC sweatshirt revised and modified ad hoc to make the proportions perfect. The 2 meters of fabric that make up the skirt are our beloved printed cottons, the result of passionate research. What about the writing parakeets and parakeets is our mantra: always be COOL but with a pinch of FUN which at the same time can be a not too veiled suggestion. As icing on the cake we left the edge at the bottom of the sweatshirt open to be able to insert our beautiful hand-finished ribbons that you can find on the online shop under the products section originals in the belts category!

Sweatshirt: 100% Cotton | Skirt: 100% printed cotton

Size - Variant


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